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Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Laura Bush Loves One Daughter Slightly More Than the Other.

Jenna & Barbara
Jenna & Barbara

WASHINGTON DC - Underneath Politics recently learned that First Lady Laura Bush secretly loves daughter Barbara slightly more than daughter Jenna.

"I've suspected it for years," a friend of Jenna's said in an interview. "Mrs. Bush would always say stuff to Jenna like, ‘Barbara wouldn't do something like that,' or ‘If both my daughters were like Barbara, it would make my life a lot easier.'

The friend recalled one night when the tension level was at its peak. "Jenna wanted to wear an outfit that Mrs. Bush thought was too revealing. They got into a huge fight and Mrs. Bush said that Barbara would never want to wear an outfit like that. Jenna said that she was just as good as Barbara. Then Mrs. Bush started doing her best Lloyd Bentsen impression and said, ‘Jenna, I raised Barbara. I know Barbara. Barbara is a daughter of mine. Jenna, you're no Barbara.'"

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