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Monday, 27 December 2004

The French have topped a survey as being the people who have sex the most.

A survey found the French have sex 137 times during one year.

Condom Company Durex has released the result of its latest world sex survey, Las Ultimas Noticias reports.

French have sex the most.

The survey interviewed 350 thousand people in 41 different countries across the globe.

The Japanese got last place in the survey as they have sex in average 46 times during a year.

In Latin America Brazil got first place having sex 96 times in 365 days.

The British won the title for being the people who take longer getting warmed up for sex, 25 minutes in average.

The survey has also revealed that all over the world people have an average of 10.5 partners throughout life.

Kilde: Ananova

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