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Tuesday, 04 January 2005

Steven Cyl, 44, is suing 61-year-old Fire Lt. Lee Bauman -- the guy who he says stole his wife.

Cyl claims that he's suffering from mental anguish. Cyl claims his wife met Bauman in a neighborhood bar and began an affair. She's since moved in with Bauman. Bauman lives down the street from Cyl in Chicago.

The wife's new beau can't believe he's being sued. He asked, "Is this for real?"

It is in Illinois, which is one of the few states where spurned spouses can file "alienation of affection" lawsuits.

The neighbour stole his wife.

The alienation of affection lawsuit filed against Bauman is a legal rarity in Illinois. Cyl's attorney, Michael Vitale, said this is the first one he has filed in 20 years of legal practice.

In the lawsuit, Cyl maintains Bauman seduced his wife, Lupe, causing her to end their marriage of 15 years.

"I don't know what kind of guy would do this to a friend," Cyl said.

Cyl is seeking unspecified damages from Bauman, contending the break-up of his marriage caused him anguish, devastation and suffering. Cyl said he doesn't expect his wife to come back to the basement apartment at his mother's home where they spent the last seven years of their marriage.

Legally, Vitale said he knows few lawsuits of this kind have been successful. However, there were two recent settlements in North Carolina in which sore spouses pocketed over $1 million.

Cyl's wife filed for divorce, citing verbal abuse. But he claimed their only argument was when he caught her sneaking around with the firefighter.

Bauman said the lawsuit was a surprise to him, and he is having a hard time taking it seriously.

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