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torsdag, 04 august 2005

A 6ft 10in man was told he couldn't work as an air traffic controller because his legs would not fit under the desk.

Ben Sargeaunt-Thomson, 23, accepted the job after passing an interview and tests a tribunal heard.

National Air Traffic Services bosses withdrew the offer after they found Ben's 38in legs would not fit under their desks.

He was told that cramming his legs under the desk posed a "dangerous risk" to his health reports the Mirror.

Ben even suggested he could use a special "kneeling seat" but the idea was dismissed.

Ben, of Northampton, is claiming sexual discrimination because only a man would be ruled out of a job because he is too tall.

Air traffic recruitment boss Andrew Hutchinson said: "I was concerned it would be dangerous to employ Ben considering the safety issues with relation to his height. It could lead to joint or circulation problems."

A verdict will be made at a later date.

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