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Monday, 26 September 2005

A village in Russia has been evacuated after it was taken over by millions of flies.

The problem started after a local farmer arranged for several tonnes of chicken manure to be dumped near the village of Polevoy in the Sverdlovsk region - one of the most beautiful parts of Russia.

But hot weather in May and heavy rains in June were perfect conditions for the flies that have emerged from the dung in their millions.

More than 50 homes had to be abandoned and only one woman, Elena Potapova, stayed behind because she had nowhere else to go.

She said: "This area is a no go zone for everybody, I have to wear a surgical mask otherwise I would end up with a mouthful of flies every time I took a breath.

"And the noise from the buzzing is so loud it is deafening. There is no surface not covered in flies and the house is full of them the moment you open the door."

The farmer who imported chicken manure has apologised to villagers and said he hoped to solve the problem soon.

He said: "We have not been able to plough up our fields to put the natural fertilizer in the ground. As soon as the rains stop, we will plough it all up, and the number of flies will reduce."

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