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Sunday, 12 December 2004

Who Made All the Fun Stuff a Sin?
God, That's Who

Atheist Alley

MASSAPEQUA, NY - I love to get stoned on reefer. When I do I just sit in my room and smoke away. I don't hurt anyone and I don't offer it to children. It's great. Why won't you Christians join me? You can't... you say it's a sin. That's right; God made all the fun stuff a sin.

You people believe that there is a God, fine. But how could you unconditionally love a Being that made everything enjoyable bad? An even tougher question is: How could a Being that unconditionally loves you make everything enjoyable bad?

In high school the most fun thing to do is get drunk. Oh wait, that's wrong. You can't get drunk. And to make sure you don't drink, parents, teachers and cops are all out to stop you. But why does it have to be bad? If God truly loved you, He would have made sitting around with all your friends getting drunk an okay thing to do. After all, you're not hurting anyone, just like I don't hurt anyone when I get stoned.

And it's not just illegal things that God made bad. A lot of people would love to eat four or five hamburgers a day. We can't because it's bad for us. Who made it bad for you? God, that's who. He could have made hamburgers good for you. The more hamburgers you ate, the skinnier you would become and the lower your cholesterol would be. But no, he made celery sticks healthy and hamburgers bad. But remember, He loves you. Think about that the next time you eat a carrot stick slathered in non-fat reduced calorie ranch dressing that tastes like glue.

Who does eating hamburgers effect the most? Fat people. That's right, your choices are either there's no God at all or there's a God that hates fat people.

Let's talk about sex. Sex is great fun. Sex with strangers or people you barely know is even more fun. Yet your "God" created about 20 diseases that come from having sex with people you don't know. Some, like herpes, you can never get rid of! Thanks a lot!

Drugs are similar. Drugs make you feel great. Yet lots of people overdose on drugs. Well, if God loved you, wouldn't he have made it impossible to overdose on drugs? Wouldn't he make it where no one could get enough drugs? No, everything that is good must either be stayed away from or taken in moderation. Oh dandy.

A lot of you will say that your parents wouldn't let you do bad stuff either cause they wanted you to succeed in life. Well yes, but if God wouldn't have made fun stuff bad, then your parents would have never had to tell you no.

Still think there's a God?

Sarah Laimbeer - Underneath Politics Atheist Opinion Columnist and Chairman of Atheists of America - Massapequa Chapter.

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