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Friday, 17 December 2004

There once was this white fella who was feeling lonely because his wife-to-be, Wanda, was on vacation. He wanted to do something for her that would both impress her as well as proclaim his undying ever-enduring love for her.

After much contemplation he thought what better way than to have her name, "Wanda", actually tattooed onto his body. Further consideration of his idea resulted in his deciding to have her name tattooed right onto his penis. So he went to a tattoo parlor and had it done immediately.

Well, because of the nature of the terrain, the tattoo usually said, "WA". But he knew she would be surprised and delighted to see her whole name on his penis once it became erect. He could hardly wait for her return.

The scabs wore off just in time too, as she was due home from her vacation. He went to meet her at the airport, beaming to himself as he imagined her pleasure at discovering his surprise. He could hardly even contain himself.

While he was waiting for her plane, he went into the washroom to have a pee. He marched right up the urinal next to a tall black fella who was just shaking it off. The white fella looks down and says, "Hey wow!!! You've got a "WA" on your penis too! What a coincidence!" The black fella looks at him.

"I just had mine done - it really says "Wanda," beamed the white fella, "What does yours say?"

The black fella looks down at him, gives a big wide smile and says,

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