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Monday, 20 December 2004

DAYTON, OH - Steve Edmonds has fined his daughter $250,000 for throwing a wild party that was not ethnically diverse. When Edmonds and his wife Suzie came back from a weekend visiting his parents in Florida their house was a mess. "There were beer cans everywhere, priceless art smashed to pieces and furniture on the lawn," Mr. Edmonds said.

It took the Edmonds a few weeks to be able to once again trust their daughter Stacey, 17, who had thrown the wild party. "It was very hard," Mr. Edmonds stated. "She's my daughter and I love her, but for the first few weeks I couldn't stand the sight of her."

Suzie Edmonds came up with a reasonable punishment that satisfied all parties involved. "We grounded her for a full month," Mrs. Edmonds said. "I think she really learned her lesson. She's a good kid who just wanted to have a little fun, that's all."

Just when the family was starting to put the pieces back together, Mr. Edmonds saw... "The Picture." "One of her friends had taken pictures at the party," he said. "There was one shot taken from the top of the stairs which showed about 50 people in the living room."

How does Mr. Edmonds describe the photograph? "Lily white."

"We raised our daughter not to judge people by the color of their skin, so when we saw that everyone who was invited to the party was white, we were shocked and outraged!"

Stacey defended her actions. "First of all, I didn't invite people to the party, they just showed up. It all started when my friend came over. She called her friend, her friend called her friend, etc. The whole thing just got way out of hand."

Mr. Edmonds was not satisfied. "Once she saw the racial makeup of the party, she should have immediately began calling her minority friends to have them come over. It is statistically proven that people enjoy parties more when the participants are ethnically diverse." Mr. Edmonds wished the picture had given him more information. "I couldn't tell how many gay and lesbian attendees there were, so I can't punish her, but something tells me there weren't enough."

Again Stacey vigorously defended herself. "There are only two minority students that go to my school and they were both there! One was in the bathroom and one was out back talking with his girlfriend when the picture was taken. It's just not fair! He's the one who wanted to move to this neighborhood!"

"Excuses, excuses," Mr. Edmonds said. He feels very strongly that his $250,000 fine was completely justified. "If she becomes the head of a large corporation and doesn't practice diversified hiring practices, she could be in a lot of trouble."

Stacey Edmonds is appealing the fine.

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