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Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Bosses at BP - Britain's biggest firm - have fired off a memo to staff - asking them to stop having sex in the office.

It comes after romps in toilets, in a meeting room and behind cabinets were caught on CCTV cameras, says The Sun.

The memo told managers: "A reminder to your teams that some areas of the office are covered by CCTV.

"Whilst this hasn't been any use whatsoever in identifying people nicking bits and bobs from desks, it has highlighted that a number of staff have been having sex in the office.

Office sex
Sex at the office.

"Clearly, this proved of great excitement to the security staff who have to monitor footage. When faced with a view of the stationery cupboard and a view of two people going at it in a meeting room, guess which one they chose to watch."

The bulletin warns that while these are not monitored, "when a male and a female enter the ladies' loos and then come out again 15 minutes later looking rather flushed in the face, it can be quite easy to guess what's been going on".

Minutes of a Health, Safety, Security and Environment meeting identify other popular venues for romantic liaisons at the HQ complex in London's financial area.

They included 'the meeting room that has just had a sofa put in', 'the purple soft seating area behind the cabinets', '4th floor in any of the nooks and crannies' and 'shower cubicles'.

A BP spokeswoman confirmed the memo had gone out and added: "It was one of a number of humorous comments designed to draw attention to serious Health and Safety issues."

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