What is frames?
Take a look abow this page! These HTML-pages is made with frames.
This Site WITH the HTML Section is made of 2 Framesets.
Frameset 1 is the Site with the Music Icon, Main Menu and the rest.
Frameset 2 is this HTML Section.
The first frameset contains 3 frames. The 3'rd frame in the first set called Frameset nr 2 when you entered the HTML Section. The HTML Section is now frameset nr 2, placed into the first one.
The second set is made of 2 frames.
Frame nr 1 in the second Frameset is where you can see the icons. It's the "Sub Menu".
(You clicked the "Frames"-icon to come here). Frame nr 2 in the second set is where you see this text.

Frames are great because they can divide a Web document into separate but related areas. Here's a list of some things you can do with frames:

  • Print one frame without printing the entire document.
    To do this, click the frame to select it, then click the Print button.
  • Reload the contents of individual frames.
    To do this, select View|Reload Frame.
  • Mail a frame.
    To do this, select File|Mail Frame.
  • Go forward or backward within the frame, just as you can in the main page.
    To do this, click Back or Forward when you are in the selected frame.

Wouldn't you just love to make your own frames?
I've made some examples to get you started.
Click one of the icons below to see how to make your own frames!
(If you're not into frames, you better start width the 2-frame example)
The page will open in a new window, so the frames in this one will not interfear with the example!

Frameset1  Frameset2

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