You're probably aware that all Web pages are created in a programming language called HTML
(HyperText Markup Language, if you must know).
If you want to create your own Web pages, you're going to have to learn HTML programming.
This page is containing the most general HTML-codes.
To view the source code for this page, select View|Document Source. Try this on other pages to.
Except for the music (JavaScript) this page contains HTML-codes only.

The Source

All Web pages are written in HTML, but what the heck is HTML anyway?
Here's the 5-second answer:
HyperText Markup Language is a subset of another language, SGML
(Standard Generalized Markup Language).
It's actually ASCII text with embedded codes that represent instructions for displaying things in the Web page
(such as text and graphics) or initiating actions (such as linking to other sites).
For example, these HTML commands tell the Web browser things like what font type and size to use,
where to break up paragraphs, when to use bullets, and so on.
Each browser may interpret the commands slightly differently,
so what you see in one browser might not look like what you see in another browser.

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