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About the Official Netscape JavaScript Book

This book is Netscape's official introduction to JavaScript for non-programmers! This Online Companion contains about 160 examples from the book, an area-code application, and a Color Chart. We've written this book for the majority of Web-site developers, people who know how to create Web pages, but may know next to nothing about programming. We teach JavaScript step by step, and include many scripts that you can type into your Web pages from the book or, better still, grab straight from the Web pages of our Online Companion.

The book was written by Peter Kent, best-selling author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet and Using Netscape 2 for Windows 95 (and another 22 computer- and Internet-related books), and John Kent, a veteran programmer with an M.Sc. in Microprocessor Technology and extensive experience with most popular programming languages. We believe this combination of a writer used to writing in an informal style for users, and an experienced programmer, will produce an easy-to-use primer on JavaScript, the sort of book non-programmers can work with without breaking out in a sweat. We've cut the programming double-speak, and limited ourselves to plain English and only those programming terms that are necessary for an understanding of how to work with JavaScript.

Our Web site has over 160 examples. These example pages don't include the full explanation of the scripts, of course...that's in the book. Still, you may find these examples useful. They show what a script does, and show the script we used to do it. You'll also find a page that demonstrates all the available colors that can be used in your Web pages, and an Object Hierarchy interactive table designed to give you an idea of how JavaScript's object hierarchy fits together. Feel free to copy any scripts you want to use in your own Web pages. (The only restriction is that these scripts may not be redistributed in any way without permission.) We've also created a complete JavaScript application (the Area Code Program) using the techniques we teach in the book.

TITLE: Official Netscape JavaScript Book
PUBLISHER: Netscape Press
AUTHORS: Peter Kent (Lakewood, CO, USA) and John Kent (London, England)
SHIP DATE: July 1996
ISBN: 1-56604-465-0
PRICES: USA $29.99, CANADA $41.99
USER LEVELS: Beginning to Intermediate