The Official Netscape JavaScript Book

by Peter Kent and John Kent

The Official Netscape JavaScript Book contains many examples, little and not-so-little pieces of script that we've used to teach JavaScript. The Online Companion contains all of these scripts--you can copy them directly from the Online Companion using your browser's Copy command, and paste them into your HTML editing program.

Use the following links to go to the examples scripts we used, and to other Web pages referenced in the book.

Chapter 1: What is JavaScript?

Links mentioned in Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Quick and Easy JavaScript Tricks

Chapter 3: First Steps with JavaScript--Scripts, Functions, & Comments

Chapter 4: Variables and Literals

Chapter 5: Expressions and Operators--Manipulating Values

Chapter 6: Loops & Conditionals--Making Decisions & Controlling Scripts

Chapter 7: More on Functions

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and Avoiding Trouble

Chapter 9: Building Arrays

Chapter 10: Objects, Properties, and Methods

Chapter 11: More About Objects

Chapter 12: JavaScript Events--When are Actions Carried Out?

Chapter 13: Advanced Topics

Chapter 14: Controlling Windows and Documents with JavaScript

Chapter 15: Using JavaScript with Frames

Chapter 16: Building Forms with JavaScript

Chapter 17: Communicating with the User

Chapter 18: The Area Code Program

Chapter 19: Ready-to-Use Scripts

Links to Libraries:
JavaScript 411:
The JavaScript Library at the JavaScript Index:
JavaScript--Simple Little Things To Add To Your Pages:
JavaScript Sweden, JavaScript Source Codes:
The JavaScript Archive:
JavaScript Applets:
Timothy’s JavaScript Page:
Find more libraries at the JavaScript Index:

Appendix A: About the Online Companion

Appendix B: The JavaScript Objects & Arrays

  • The Object Hierarchy
  • Appendix C: JavaScript Properties

    Appendix D: The JavaScript Event Handlers

    Appendix E: Reserved Words

    Appendix F: Symbol Reference

    Appendix G: JavaScript Colors

  • The Color Chart
  • Appendix H: Finding More Information

    Appendix I: The Scripts We Used


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