Program:            WarpFame
Version:             Nude1 Beta 16/32 bit
Type:                 Java Warping
Note:                 For Windows 3.xx/95/97/98/2000/NT/XP
File Name:         WarpFame.exe
Type:                 Freeware
Release Date:     98-12-25
Author:             {Trond}
Email:                Trond@trust-me.com
Site:                   http://turn.to/Trond

A small collection of HTML documents and some images to warp
This will only work if you've got a browser with Java Support :-)

You'll need these thingies:
One PC (with monitor).
One Mouse (with Buttons).
One Virus95 (works best with minimum 256 colors).
One Browser (with Java Support).
One sense of humor (with a BIIG margin).


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