A complete selection of Internet Tools

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Internet Search Tools:
SearchWolf  SearchWolf 2.01:   Automated Search Tool
FtpWolf  FtpWolf 1.03:       Automated File Search Utility
WebWolf  WebWolf 2.02:     Desktop Based Web Page Searcher
PhoneWolf  PhoneWolf 2.0:     Search Tool for PhoneNumbers/Addresses
ImageWolf  ImageWolf 1.02:   Search Tool for Picture & Movie Files
MP3-Wolf  MP3-Wolf 1.03:   Search Robot for Music Files

Promotion Tools:
SubmitWolf  SubmitWolf 3.02:   Web Page Promotion Spider
Shareit  Shareit 2.0:             Automated Submission Wizard

Web Site Administration Tools:
SiteMapper  SiteMapper 1.0:   What's Really Inside that Web Site?

Internet Applications:
BookMarx  BookMarx 1.04:   Validates All Your Bookmarks

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