Eye Test
Can you trust your eyes?

Can you believe your eyes? Now you can find out..
Share your score with friends! Good Luck!

Which of these lines is NOT straight?
(Count from top: 1-5)

Is this a big cheese with a small one on the side?
...or is it a big cheese missing a bite?

A big piece with a small piece missing?
...or 2 pieces, one big and one small?

Which flower has the largest center?
The red or the yellow?

View the Full-Size Floor/Roof
Is this a Roof?
...or is it a floor?

Is it laying down?
...or standig on the side?

From which side do you look in?
...right or left?

Is there small grey squares between the big black ones?
...or is it nothing there?

Is this a stair going upwards?
...or is it a wall hanging down?

Which of the triangles 3 sides
is COMPLETELY straight?

How many planks are there?
Can you count them?

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