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The Official Netscape JavaScript Book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is JavaScript?
Chapter 2: Quick and Easy JavaScript Tricks
Chapter 3: First Steps with JavaScript--Scripts, Functions, & Comments
Chapter 4: Variables and Literals
Chapter 5: Expressions and Operators--Manipulating Values
Chapter 6: Loops & Conditionals--Making Decisions & Controlling Scripts
Chapter 7: More on Functions
Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and Avoiding Trouble
Chapter 9: Building Arrays
Chapter 10: Objects, Properties, and Methods
Chapter 11: More About Objects
Chapter 12: JavaScript Events--When are Actions Carried Out?
Chapter 13: Advanced Topics
Chapter 14: Controlling Windows and Documents with JavaScript
Chapter 15: Using JavaScript with Frames
Chapter 16: Building Forms with JavaScript
Chapter 17: Communicating with the User
Chapter 18: The Area Code Program
Chapter 19: Ready-to-Use Scripts
Appendix A: About the Online Companion
Appendix B: The JavaScript Objects & Arrays
Appendix C: JavaScript Properties
Appendix D: The JavaScript Event Handlers
Appendix E: Reserved Words
Appendix F: Symbol Reference
Appendix G: JavaScript Colors
Appendix H: Finding More Information
Appendix I: The Scripts We Used


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